The Rockin' Donkey
This is my Fender Squier 1950s Classic Vibe Strat.
I almost bought this same model of guitar from Best Buy in Sioux Falls, but they refused to sell me the guitar case I wanted for it, so I went home and ordered it, and the case I wanted from Musician's Friend. Way to lose a sale, Best Buy.
This is the guitar that I used to record "Terminal Velocity". I think the guitar sounded pretty good on that tune.
I'm saving this one for my son if he ever decides to play guitar. I want him to start out on a good guitar, and this will do just fine.
These are my two favorite guitars. They both have a very similar feel and sound.
I do the majority of my playing and recording with these two guitars. They're really awesome guitars.
Between these two guitars and my Digitech RP500, they've allowed me to take my playing to the next level.
For me, this kind of guitar is the "holy grail". I've gotten many hours of enjoyment from both of these guitars.
1980's-era Kramer Imperial
Charvel Desolation DX-1 FR Soloist
The guitar on the left was a gift from a good friend who refurbished it for me. It's a Westone Corsaire GT.
I really love it and will always treasure it, not just because a friend gave it to me (which is reason enough), but it really is an awesoem guitar.
Much like the Charvel and Kramer that I love so much.
The one on the right is a Kramer ST-610 that arrived with a broken headstock which I had glued back together.
I have a Seymour Duncan pickup that I want to get installed in it at some point.
Westone Corsaire GT
Kramer ST-610
This is my Peavey Predator, which I've had since 1995. This is the guitar on which I learned to play rock rhythm guitar.
I took a chance and outfitted it with a SuperVee BladeRunner™ tremolo system and love it.
It has a nice, beefy trem arm that just feels more substantial than the flimsy stock trem arms that manufacturers use.
I've also added cross-hatch pinstriping to it to pay homage to Edward Van Halen.
I purchased this Fender Mexican Stratocaster about six months before I unearthed the Kramer Imperial which totally changed my direction when it comes to the kinds of guitars I play.
This is still a really cool guitar that I like to use when I'm playing without distortion.
I'm planning to outfit it with a SuperVee BladeRunner™ to bring it back into my playing rotation (I've never liked Fender tremolos - they feel flimsy to me after using a Floyd Rose.)
Here are my Fender Mexican Stratocaster, Kramer Imperial and Ibanez RG 321.

I've already told you about the other two, so a little bit about the Ibanez:
I bought this guitar in 2004, because I wanted something with a fixed bridge for tuning stability.
This was my first "80s-style" guitar, and I loved it. It felt so right in my hands.
I don't play it as much as I used to, because I like to use the "whammy bar" a lot in my playing these days, but I do sometimes tune it to open E for slide.